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HDI Webinar - Move Forward by Shifting Left

19 Jan 2021
1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

We could all use a little more time in our schedule, but something new pops up every time we catch our breath. We cannot always anticipate the unexpected, but we can take steps to handle the work we know about more efficiently. For example, password reset requests persistently outpace other types of requests, yet 48% of organizations haven't enabled self-service password resets, according to HDI research. Imagine what your team could accomplish if you recovered some of that time!

This webinar explores how support organizations can identify and act on opportunities to enable self-service and first-level resolution, drive customer adoption, and serve customers more quickly and accurately. Freeing your team from mundane, repetitive work improves job satisfaction, reduces service costs, and allows time for more strategic initiatives.

Join our industry experts as they discuss how to:

  • Identify opportunities to shift-left toward self-service and first-level resolution
  • Explain and measure the value of shift-left initiatives
  • Build and promote self-service tools that customers actually use
  • Get customers back to work more quickly and reduce time resetting passwords
  • Improve first-level resolution for group membership and access requests

This webinar is being hosted on HDI's BrightTalk channel. You will need to have a BrightTalk account to register for the webinar. Fortunately, registration is free!

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19 Jan 2021
1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

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