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Service Desk Security

May, 2018

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Continuous Service Improvement

April, 2018

Shift Left Strategy

September, 2018

What is the significance of the "shift left" strategy to the service desk?  How does this affect the overall company? How can this approach dramatically improve your operations and lower your support costs? This was one of THE hot topics at the last HDI conference! 

Greg Dunning & Tony Salgado from Bomgar presented this excellent presentation during our September meeting.

Practice Good Discussion

March, 2018

Industry relevant whitepages, informational articles, guidebooks and training tools are some of the most valuable tools that HDI members have access to. While HDI hosts a plethora of all of these tools on their website for members, the North Coast Chapter goes above and beyond to add additional content for members and non-members alike, and some of the content from past meetings can be found here. This is only a fraction of the value that you get from being a member of HDI. Please visit our Membership page to learn more.

*Please pardon our delay as we move from our old site to our new one, and ensure you have access to some great content. Check back soon, as we will begin adding more to this page shortly.

Problem Management (w/ML)

January, 2018

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