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December 21st - Annual Holiday Event

January 17th - Major Incident Management

February 21st - a night with the Cavs

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WiFi 101

November, 2018​

Service Desk Security

May, 2018

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Continuous Service Improvement

April, 2018

Shift Left Strategy

September, 2018​

Practice Good Discussion

March, 2018

Industry relevant whitepages, informational articles, guidebooks and training tools are some of the most valuable tools that HDI members have access to. While HDI hosts a plethora of all of these tools on their website for members, the North Coast Chapter goes above and beyond to add additional content for members and non-members alike, and some of the content from past meetings can be found here. This is only a fraction of the value that you get from being a member of HDI. Please visit our Membership page to learn more.

Problem Management (w/ML)

January, 2018

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