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Building Great Teams, One Person at a Time

6150 Oak Tree Blvd. #490

Independence, OH

Thursday, May 16th

May 16th​ - Building Great Teams, One Person at a Time!

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Presented by Tom Wilk -PC Engineering Manager, Carnegie Mellon University

Join me as I walk through my journey to becoming an effective leader of individuals and building better teams. Being a manager does not mean you can lead a team. Managers are often never properly trained for the responsibility of becoming a leader. True leadership is a never-ending experience of personal and professional evolution and does not happen overnight. Even when the desire to lead and help others exists, it can take decades to develop methodology that works for you and those you lead. In this paper, I share my experiences and insight through real-world challenges that eventually led me to improvement and success in my own experience as a manager. I will share ways you can help struggling members of your team, how to have tough conversations with a positive focus, helping create the professional “rock star” by harnessing their individuality, and helping employees advance by creating a unique career plan. Finally, we will discuss ways individuals can truly become part of a collective, moving forward as a team and not just people who work together. In sharing my own experiences and having an honest conversation about how to re-approach who we are as leaders, you can walk away with new tools and a perspective on individual development as the essential foundation of a great team.

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