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​Executive Panel and Keynote Speaker Bernie Moreno

The Foundry
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Cybersecurity and Endpoint Protection

presented by Darin Haines

How do you know to protect your IT devices if you don't know they exist?

presented by Lori Sechio

Thursday, October 17th, 12:00-4:30pm

Signature of Solon Country Club

39000 Signature Dr., Solon, OH 44139

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Odds are, your data won’t be compromised by the FBI’s most wanted, but rather a hacker with modest technical skills.  Vulnerable cyber-attack surfaces – smartphones, tables, laptops, desktops, IoT devices are quite easy to hack, but possibly difficult top track.  Learn how to think differently about endpoint security and discover the elements of good cyber hygiene to increase your cyber resilience as well as best practices in IT Asset Management to find the “Single Source of Truth”.

Join us for this special, two-part meeting, featuring speakers:

-Darin Haines, Senior VP, Global Consulting at MCPc

-Lori Sechio, Chief Data Officer at MCPc

Thursday, Sept. 19th

Sept. 19th - Cybersecurity and Endpoint Protection

Oct. 17th - Experience HDI, Executive Panel and Keynote Speaker Bernie Moreno

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