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Congratulations to our very own

Greg Litchney!

Winner of HDI's 2016 Midwest Desktop Support Technician of the Year Award!


Vendor Sponsorship Program

from Tami Menssen

​I wanted to say thank you to all the vendors that attended our Vendor Appreciation Event last month. We had a great turn out and it was really nice to get a chance to talk a bit more one on one with each of you that attended.  I really took to heart what Alex Sykes, from Sherwin Williams, had to say about networking. It was not what can you get from the group but what can you give to the group. As with most good things, the more you give, the more you will receive.  As vendors, we talk to a lot of clients.  Please invite those who you think would benefit from our group. The more people we have join us, both vendors and practitioners, the more people we will have exposure to to build our businesses and also help HDI.
We missed those who could not attend and hope to catch up with you at some of our fun summer events.
While we were enjoying some cocktails, appetizers, and good company, we rolled out our new vendor membership program that will start this September. I have attached a flier with all the details but here are some program highlights:

Vendor sponsorship in the local chapter helps to build your business through networking and marketing exposure to your target audience while financially supporting our local chapter programming and operations.
3 tiers of membership to fit all budgets.
Streamlined the fees so that you will pay 1 fee in September and there will be no more fees throughout the year. Included, depending on membership level, are these benefits:

No fee to participate in Experience HDI in October, including lunch for 2 (a $150 value).
No out of pocket cost for hosting a meeting at your location (refreshments are provided by the chapter) - a $50-100 value.
Free lunch for 2 at awards banquet in December (a $50 value).
Free membership in HDI (a $295 value). 
If you have any questions about the new vendor sponsorship program or to enroll, please contact me.
Tami Menssen
Thanks again and I’m really looking forward to another great year!

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